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After School ASES

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Our ASES program at Newton Middle School offers a variety of physical and enrichment activities. A few of the activities that we offer on a daily basis for our students to participate are: Robotics, IPads, Soccer, Volleyball, and Basketball. We have plenty of competitions throughout the year such as: Robotics, ASES Talent Show, as well as, Soccer and Basketball Tournament. ASES also offers a homework class for all students to work on homework for the first hour. Our program encourages all students the opportunity to participate in all events.  The program also helps to  assist students with developing interpersonal skills. Our ASES staff at Newton are among the best in the ASES program. Our main priority for the program is that students have fun while learning to work with others.

Coach Jose Jimenez, ASES Director



ASES & 21st Century After School Program - OrientationPowerpoint



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